The Gala

Go Green This Summer!


The Green Gala will take place on Saturday, August 26 at the new Cope Environmental Center. We look forward to a wonderful evening with our lovely, environmentally-conscious community!

Each year, our community comes together to celebrate the accomplishments of the past year and the goals for the next year! Cope Environmental Center specializes in programs educating adults and children alike on the latest knowledge of sustainable living. The health of our planet is important to us, and education is the only way to make sure that we are taking care of it properly. We need your support to help keep our community aware and actively taking care of the Earth!

[The details]

[What] A fabulous fundraising dinner followed by an exciting auction and dancing under the stars.

[When] Saturday, August 26th

[Where] Cope Environmental Center, 1730 Airport Road, Centerville, IN

[Why] To support the efforts of Cope Environmental Center as we strive to be good examples of sustainable living and excellent educators of the next sustainable generation.

[How do I register?] Excellent question! For more information regarding registration, call or email Dana at 765-855-3188 or

[Attire] GREEN! Well, not literally the color green. Although it could be. You can interpret “green” however you like! A borrowed dress, a re-used suit, a pantsuit made of recycled grocery bags–the possibilities are endless! Let your creativity shine and show us how you do “green”!

[Sponsors] We’d like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors for making this event happen!

First Bank Richmond

Reid Health

Earlham College

Richmond Baking Co.

West End Bank

Stults Family Dentistry

Radford’s Meat Market & Deli

Thor Construction Co.

Alan and Donna Spears

Brady Ware & Company

VanVleet Insurance

Bob and Susie Ferrell

Monarch Beverage Company

Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office