Rent sustainably with Cope Environmental Center. Our new state-of-the-art facility not only serves as an place of learning, but also as a place of community and collaboration. Hold your next board meeting, birthday party, cockatoos’ anniversary party, whatever party you want here! We encourage all community members to carpool when possible as on-site parking is limited.

[The spaces] Rental areas include the following:

M.C. Davis Gathering Place

Lingle Nature Hall

The Patio and Yard

The Sap House

The Education Center

The Three-Sided Shelter

[The features]  Full kitchen, bathrooms, drinking fountains, yards, picnic tables, tables & clean-up service optional!

[The benefits] Ten dollars sends a kid to a school program. Choosing Cope Environmental Center as your venue puts your dollars to great use. CEC makes it possible to support environmental education and celebrate important milestones at the same time! Also offered at our facility are education programs for children during your event! While you’re celebrating the retirement of a beloved coworker, your and your coworkers’ children will be learning about the adaptations of reptiles or the migration patterns of birds. Ask today!

[The inspiration] Not sure how to decorate? Check out some photos from past events!

[The details] For more information, fill out the information below. Then come out to 1730 Airport Road and see for yourself how beautiful sustainable building can be!

[The rules] Renting a sustainable facility means our renters must plan and rent sustainably. Why? Not only do sustainable actions help preserve the integrity of our planet and conserve our natural resources,  they also help us with the Living Building Challenge. Cope is attempting to become the first fully certified Living Building Challenge (LBC) Building in Indiana. Due to LBC, there are certain requirements for how we use the building. What does that mean for you? As a renter it is important make your rental at Cope as sustainable as possible. Watch the guide video below for instructions and share it will all necessary parties involved. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the rental coordinator, Dana, at

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