Program Information & Confirmation Form

Thank you for scheduling a Fall Program with Cope Environmental Center.  We look forward to your group’s visit.

Your date and time have been scheduled with us.  However, to confirm your program date and time, we ask that  you fill out the information below and click submit as soon as possible.  Providing these details ensures that you receive a program that fits your needs.  Even if we do not receive your form, we are still expecting you on the date and time arranged with CEC. If this time and date does not work for you or you need to cancel, you MUST call immediately, so that your program time and date can be given to another group.

If your group is going to be late, we need to know as soon as possible.  If you are more than 30 minutes late, we may not be able to fulfill all of your program needs.

Please keep in mind that the teachers and other chaperones must remain in charge and responsible for the group at all times.  Please make sure all teachers have reviewed this form.  ALL CELL PHONES/ELECTRONICS SHOULD BE TURNED OFF.

After the program, please go to the evaluation page to fill out our evaluation form.  We are always looking for ways to improve our programs and better serve the participants!

Program Fees

The program fee for your particular program was determined and discussed when you originally called to schedule your program.  If you still have questions or concerns about the fees, please call Aubrey as soon as possible at 765-855-3188.  One chaperone for every eight students is free of charge.  The fee for each additional adult or sibling is $4.00.  (Minimum Program Fee:  $80 for 0-2 hour program)

Please pay the day of your trip or before your arrival.  If you need an invoice or receipt, please let Aubrey know in advance if possible.  If a request for a receipt or invoice is made the day of the program, you may not receive it for 3-5 days.  No shows will be charged for the entire program fee.

Get on the Bus Fund:

If you are a school with 50% or more of your student population taking advantage of the FREE lunch program, you are eligible for this fund.  To apply, please go to our GOTB online form.  The funds are limited to 15 distributions per school semester and will pay up to $50 for transportation costs/fees.

NEW to CEC Fund:

This fund was developed to help teachers get acquainted with CEC!  Never been to the Center with your classroom?  Now’s the time to try us out!  This fund will pay for 50% of your field trip fees or 50% of your Classroom Membership.  Ask Aubrey Blue about this option when you call.



The program schedule fills up very quickly.  Please call immediately if you discover that the field trip date you have scheduled will not work for your group.  We will make every effort to reschedule your field trip.


Because all field trips to CEC are outside, they may be affected by the weather.  There will be times when rescheduling is necessary due to inclement weather.  If you are concerned about inclement weather, please call Aubrey as soon as possible to discuss the situation.  There are times when it is raining heavily in other areas, yet sunny here in Centerville.  We keep a very close eye on the forecast and the weather radar.

Weather Policy:  Thunder/Lightening:

If thunder is heard at any time during your visit, you will be brought  indoors or loaded back on the bus.  Thunder indicates lightening and we do not take chances when it comes to your student’s safety.


Field trips may continue in the rain at the discretion of the teacher in conjunction with CEC program staff.  Rain can sometimes be beneficial for field trips, as many children do not experience “playing” in the rain.  Rain may also be negative for field trips.  If it is cold and rainy or raining hard, field trips are typically rescheduled.  Again, this is at the discretion of the teacher and CEC program staff.  While we do have inside program facilities, they do not lend themselves to a high-quality environmental education experience.

How to Dress for your Field Trip!

Please dress for the weather!  If you are visiting CEC, we will be outside.  It is important that your students have proper rain coats, shoes, and hats when it is cold or rainy!  It is always a good idea to wear old clothes when visiting CEC.  We believe in hands-on learning, which can be messy at times!


In winter months, hats, hoods, earmuffs, or some type of head protection is highly recommended.  Scarves are also a good idea.  Mittens or gloves are also highly recommended during the chilly months!


Comfortable shoes for an active day are strongly recommended.  We will be hiking on trails, playing games, and probably getting messy!  Please advise your students to wear appropriate shoes to be active outside!

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