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Getting outside doesn’t have to be hard. And it’s actually pretty fun.

[Mission Possible]
The Earth needs YOUR help. We have got to start being more environmentally friendly today. But you’re young! What can you do? Well….LOTS.  Can you complete the What Difference Can I Make Checklist checklist this year? Give it a try and challenge your friends!

[Nature Inspires Me: T-shirt Design Contest] Are there scenes from Indiana’s natural world that inspire you to get artistic?  If so, put your art and interpretation skills to the test!  From now until April 27 we want you to design a T-Shirt inspired by a landscape, natural area, or wildlife in Indiana. Using two colors, one for the background and one for the design drawing or “ink”, show us what inspires you about Indiana’s natural world. Contest winners will get a T-Shirt with their design printed on it!  Go to for more detail!

[Bullfrog]  Try this game out! You and your friends sit in a circle. Have everyone close their eyes and make noise as one person goes around the circle marking two people with X’s and one with an O. The person marked with “O” is now the guesser. The two people with X”s are the bullfrogs. The rest of your friends are flies. The bullfrogs stick their tongues out at the flies and try to “eat” them. If a fly sees a bullfrog stick his or her tongue out, the fly must lay down and be eaten. The guesser has to try to pick out who the two bullfrogs are before the bullfrogs eat all of the flies. This is a fun game and a great chance to get silly outdoors!

[Additionally] Who needs a new game? We ALWAYS do! Tell us about your game here and we’ll add it to our website! Your ideas will help other kids have more fun outdoors! And you could even be featured on our Facebook page. Thanks for the help!

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Find lots more creative ideas to get outside and save the Earth at:

Thanks to Brittany from Cleary Mountain Middle School for sharing this great website about recycling with us:
Thanks to Sarah for sharing this article with us- “Recycling Saves Money!”
Also, special thanks to Mrs. McVey’s classroom for sharing the following additional links!  We appreciate your concern for the environment and hope you can visit Cope Environmental Center sometime in the future!

We love the following page sent to us by Amy in Mrs. Crawford’s class (New York). Great ideas for reusing! Thanks, Amy!

Thank you, Mary, for suggesting ArtsHeaven!  We loved the garden crafts page and think others will, too!

Thanks also to all the Girls Scouts from Claire Barnes’ troupe (all the way in California!) for sharing this page on how to “Reduce Waste and Save Money at Home”! You’ve done some awesome research for your Go Green! badges. Keep up the good work!

Thanks to children in Suzanne’s after school art program for this suggested site on recycled art!