Kid’s Corner

Can you make these actions a habit this year?

  1. Volunteer at CEC!  Pull weeds, chip trails, help with mailings…these are great ways to get your family working together for a great cause!
  2. Shorten your shower.  There are major water shortages in much of the world- don’t waste this precious resource!  The average shower head uses 2.5 gallons per minute, so shortening your shower by just two minutes saves an entire 5 gallon bucket of water!
  3. Make an outdoor scavenger hunt for younger brothers, sisters or friends.  Teach them about trees, soil, bugs, etc. and pass along your smarts!  Visit “Love the Outdoors” for some ideas:
  4. Make walking a habit.  Encourage your family to walk instead of drive when things are close by.  Everyone can use a little more fresh air!
  5. Remind your parents to take reusable bags to the grocery store.  Society goes through nearly 1,000,000 plastic bags per minute.  Don’t contribute to this wastefulness!
  6. Help your parents do #5 by making them “car kits” to keep in their trunk.  Use one bigger reusable bag and stuff it full of other reusable bags.  If you don’t have enough, use plastic bags from previous shopping trips.  Many grocery stores will give your family a “bag credit” of $0.05 for each bag you bring on your own.
  7.  Learn to identify three new birds and three new trees.  Too easy?  Learn the calls of the birds, too, and learn to identify the tree without the leaves!
  8. Recycle your old toys by giving them to Salvation Army or Goodwill.  To help your parents out, make a list of the toys and put them in a tote ready to go in their car!
  9. Plant something in your backyard!  Find a veggie you like to eat, research ways to grow it, and plant one or several in your backyard.  You’ll be amazed how much better it tastes when you grow it yourself!
  10. Find someone younger than you are and read them books about taking care of our planet!  Kids learn so much from older siblings and friends, so do your part to educate!
  11. Tell your friends!  Being a responsible citizen of our planet is the right thing to do.  Encourage others to follow your lead!

Find lots more at:

Thanks to Brittany from Cleary Mountain Middle School for sharing this great website about recycling with us:
Thanks to Sarah for sharing this article with us- “Recycling Saves Money!”
Also, special thanks to Mrs. McVey’s classroom for sharing the following additional links!  We appreciate your concern for the environment and hope you can visit Cope Environmental Center sometime in the future!

We love the following page sent to us by Amy in Mrs. Crawford’s class (New York). Great ideas for reusing! Thanks, Amy!

Thank you, Mary, for suggesting ArtsHeaven!  We loved the garden crafts page and think others will, too!

Thanks also to all the Girls Scouts from Claire Barnes’ troupe (all the way in California!) for sharing this page on how to “Reduce Waste and Save Money at Home”! You’ve done some awesome research for your Go Green! badges. Keep up the good work!

Thanks to children in Suzanne’s after school art program for this suggested site on recycled art!