Hike/Bike Yourself Healthy 2015

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What is Hike/Bike Yourself Healthy?

A summer wellness/nature program to get you outdoors and exercising. Open to all ages and participants from around the world! Bike, walk, run, or hike ANYWHERE OUTSIDE with incentives along the way! We have weekly drawings for great prizes and CEC gear!

Congratulations to our 2015 winners! 

Most Minutes logged:
Gina Ballinger 8,085 Minutes

Female With Most Minutes:
Julia Henderson 7,380 Minutes

Male With Most Minutes:
Andrew Moore 6,330 Minutes

Highest Average- Large group( 10 or more):
The winner of our large group prize is Whitewater Valley REMC! They logged an average of 4,119 minutes and 41,190 Minutes overall. Whitewater Valley REMC won a year’s worth of massages in the workplace.

Highest Average- Small Group (9 or Less):
The winner of our small group prize is Team Piranhagoat! They logged an average of 4,310 Minutes and 8,620 Minutes overall. Team Piranhagoat won a $75 Chipotle Gift Card and tickets to a Cincinnati Reds Ballgame.


Special Awards/Prizes can be won in the following categories!

*FEMALE w/most minutes logged anywhere

*MALE w/ most minutes logged anywhere 

*INDIVIDUAL w/ most minutes logged

*SMALL GROUP w/ most minutes logged anywhere (9 or less people)

*LARGE GROUP w/ most minutes logged anywhere  (10 or more people, a business or organization)


The Bold Girls from Girls Inc of Wayne County love to hike at Cope!

The Bold Girls from Girls Inc of Wayne County love to hike at Cope!

Our Goal in 2015

Because the program will be more concentrated this year (June – July), we challenge our community (and beyond) to spend a whopping 500,000 minutes OUTSIDE hiking, biking, walking, and running! This was our goal for 3 months in 2014. Think we can do it? We do!

On Saturday, June 28th, Cope partnered with Beatree yoga for a morning of free yoga at the Center!

Last year, Cope partnered with Beatree yoga for a morning of free yoga at the Center!

Cope Kids and Aubrey love to hike!

Check out these enthusiastic young hikers!


Part of a group?  Get them involved, too!  We LOVE to work with businesses, organizations, non-profits, clubs, churches, and groups of friends setting there own active goals!

  • Is your business or group ready for a little friendly competition?  Great!  The group or business of at least 10 participants with the highest average minutes at the end of the program will win an AWESOME package! Last’s year’s winners, Whitewater Valley REMC, won an office party generously catered by Chipotle! Stay tuned for information about the grand group prize this year.

 2015 Hike/Bike Yourself Healthy Sponsors. Thank you for making this program possible!


Interested in sponsorship for the 2016 Hike/Bike Yourself Healthy program? Email us for information or make a general gift of support!