Together can we walk, run, hike, or bike 600,000 minutes this summer? We think YES…with your help!

What is Hike/Bike Yourself Healthy?

  • A summer wellness/nature program to get you outdoors and exercising!
  • Open to all ages and participants from around the world!
  • Bike, walk, run, or hike ANYWHERE OUTSIDE with incentives along the way!   We have weekly drawings for great prizes and CEC gear! Special awards go to the female and male with most minutes logged overall, the individual with the minutes logged at CEC, and our youngest participant.
  • Log your active minutes on this website or at one of our many paper logbooks throughout the community.  Logbooks are located at Hayes Arboretum, Family Fitness Works, Townsend Community Center,  HELP the Animals, Morrisson-Reeves Library and here at Cope Environmental Center.  If your club, group, business, or organization would like your own logbook, please email us at!

Our Goal in 2014

The CEC Staff and Board has made a commitment to hike 25,000 minutes between Memorial Day and Labor Day and we challenge our community (and beyond) to spend a whopping 600,000 minutes outside hiking, biking, walking, and running!

Wayne County Health Department proudly poses as the winning team from 2013

CEC's Conservation Campers have a blast hiking in Earlham's Wildman Woods


  • Part of a group?  Get them involved, too!  We LOVE to work with businesses, organizations, non-profits, clubs, churches, and groups of friends setting there own active goals!
  • Is your business or group ready for a little friendly competition?  Great!  The group or business of at least 10 participants with the highest average minutes at the end of the program will win an AWESOME package! Last’s year’s winners, Wayne County Health Department, won an office party generously catered by Chipotle! Stay tuned for information about the grand group prize this year. Group competition goals and achievements from 2013 can be found in the chart below.
Online Graphing


2014 Hike/Bike Yourself Healthy Sponsors. Thank you for making this program possible!


 City of Richmond


Interested in sponsorship for the 2014 Hike/Bike Yourself Healthy program? Email us for information or make a general gift of support!

More Ideas

  • Introduce the idea of evening after-dinner walks with the family.  What a great time to catch up with each other, enjoy the outdoors and develop a healthy habit!
  • A business in town will be rewarding their employee participants with a pizza party!  Why not reward great behavior?!
  • Go to the HELP Shelter and walk a dog.  They’ll be thrilled to spend time with you!
  • Check out the Whitewater Gorge Trail (jump on at N 3rd St.).  While you’re there, check out the “new” Family Fitness Works facility- much of the building was repurposed from parts of the old hospital!
  • Walk Uptown Richmond.  We are so fortunate to have a very walk-able downtown area.  New stores seem to be popping up frequently, so take a stroll!  You can end your walk at the Clear Creek Co-op- they just moved to 710 East Main St.  Grab a healthy drink or snack!
  • Own a business?  Challenge your office to “hike and bike themselves healthy” this summer and offer a great incentive to the winner (example: paid day off, lunch coupons, etc.).  Healthy employees = lower healthcare costs!
  • Knock on a neighbor’s door and ask them to join you. Use your walk to get to know one another better!
  • Stories about your experience?  Have something to share with us?  Send them to us! And photos too! We’d love to hear about it!
  • Check out this site for LOTS of info on walking, nutrition, motivation, etc:
  • More ideas?  Send them to us!  We’ll post them here…