Get Outside-Grow!

The Get Outside-Grow program is a community effort to better distribute the abundant produce grown here by local farmers and gardeners!

[Why] Roughly 11,450 community members in Wayne County, including children and elderly, are living in impoverished homes. Even more are above the cusp of poverty but still struggle with food security as well as food availability. In food pantries, mot donations accepted are canned or frozen carbs, and starches that feed but do not necessarily nurture the health of our community. This program is meant to expand donations of fresh local produce and goods to those in need as well as prevent food waste in the area. There is more than enough food to go around, the issue is the distribution of our resources. This program is meant to provide a means of distribution between farmers, gardeners, and food pantries in Wayne County, making it easier for those in food insecurity to access fresh and local produce.

[How] This problem with be helped through our Share Tables. Share Tables are set up to accept food donations at different locations. Currently, we hold the Share Table at the Richmond Farmer’s Market. We accept donations from 10:30a-12:30p. Then from 1-2p, the Share Table is open to those in need. Anyone with need can come take a donation. Anyone with extra can give it to our table. Food that is not given away at this Share Table is taken¬† to one of nine food pantries with which we already have partnerships.



[Updates] The Share Table has been off to a great start! With only four Farmer’s Markets under our belt, the community has already donated over 1000 pounds of fresh produce to local food pantries. This is only the beginning! Come visit us each Saturday to learn about our progress and what you can do to help get fresh food to those who need it!