The Get Outside Challenge takes place during the months of June and July. The goals are to challenge kids, families, adults, and employees to spend more time being active outside!


Provides incentives to children (0-12 yrs.) for playing outdoors and tracking their time spent being active through their ‘play packets’ as well as offering free ‘nature & health play days.’ Outdoor play can be anything! Climbing a tree, scaling a park playscape, going to the pool, softball practice, summer camp, even having a tea party with your favorite stuffed animals…as long as you are outside! Participants will be given a log sheet to track their time spent playing outside. These sheets will be available at Cope Environmental Center, Morrison-Reeves Library, and to print from this website starting June 19th. For every 15 hour benchmark a kid reaches, they earn a special prize redeemable at Cope Environmental Center or Morrison-Reeves Library!

Join us at Cope on Wednesday, July 26th from 6-8 p.m. for the Get Outside-Play, Extravaganza! We will be celebrating the last week of the Get Outside-Play Challenge with food, games, crafts, guided hikes and more!

This ‘Nature Play Day’ is a free event during the summer that get kids moving outdoors and teach about the importance of healthy living. The ‘winter’ version of this program connects with all of the children in our school partnerships by working directly with teachers to give out incentives to their students.

Download the Get Outside-Play! Packet here (color in a native Indiana species for every 5 hours you play outdoors): 

Play Packet Summer 2017


Provides adolescents, adults, and area employers with incentives for tracking time spent exercising outdoors through log books at their workplace and the form below. Adult health programs are designed to mimic and support the ones for children, creating a cohesive campaign for overall family wellness.

Sign up by completing the form below. After that, you can use the same form to continue logging minutes!

Here are some other outdoor health initiatives in the community!