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Several years ago, Cope Environmental Center underwent an intensive planning period to determine the direction of programming and our facilities.  The result was a comprehensive living document that helps to guide us through organizational decisions.  CEC’s long-range plan includes strategies for programming and physical property development so that the Center can better meet the needs of our community.  Some of these plans include (but are NOT limited to):

  • Becoming a model of sustainable business, office, and land use policy and action
  • Introducing an eco-mentoring program for youth in our region
  • Developing a more formal “environmental advising” component for businesses in the area
  • Reaching at least 50% of elementary school children in Wayne and surrounding counties

The Long-range plan includes goals, objectives, and strategies with an emphasis on resources needed to accomplish the goals.  We are thrilled with our progress in some areas, and ready to roll up our sleeves in others.  For CEC to remain an effective piece of the community, some changes will need to be made.  It has become clear to the CEC staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, and community members that a major facilities upgrade is needed to not only accomplish our programmatic goals, but also to stay current with our community’s changing needs.  With this in mind, we welcome feedback from our supporters, program participants, neighbors and friends.  We look forward to planning the next chapter of Cope Environmental Center with you!

Send us an email about how you feel CEC should be meeting the needs of the community.

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